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January 14th, 2013

Tracy / Sharpe – A True Story Book

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One Year Ago Today




My government gave me this photograph of the Earth and my government gave me this fake of the Moon.
It took several governments to give me this photograph of another 173 million objects in the sky.

Of all the places my government could have sent me, they sent me here to this town.
A town named TRACY. Not accepting this 17 day mission #8 was not an option.
At this time I had already been in a condition REDDELTA for 937 days.

It was during this time here I was part of two additional attacks.
One I only witnessed the aftermath and the clean up
while the other I couldn’t see as I was involved.

I do not know which side I was on.

DELTA is usually declared as a localized condition and is not intended to be sustained for substantial periods.



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14 January

I had not been to this place in many many many years even if I sometimes wished I could enter once a month or once a day or once an hour or more. I paid the man with the stupid tie so he let me in. It was more than it should be and I hated him for it. It is never quite like I remember it, this time, tonight, it seemed smaller than ever before too. It was more unkempt, more dirty in the ways I wished it wasn’t, it was darker and it no longer possessed an impressive majesty. This night it was not busy, there was no one in my way to get to where I was going inside. There were no workers milling about to peek at like there always had been before. I missed that.

I went to the seat, my very seat I had last sat in here so long ago. Chosen with purpose, with the intent it would yet again serve as my hope designed. I waited and while I did I watched a her, dancing in and out of the light in beat with the music I cannot recall nor likely noticed hearing anyway. She was the kind of woman I cannot meet but want to, the kind of woman I wish I could say I have had but have not. She knows this, it is why I would assume this her is here for me to give my money to. This her at which I was staring however, she would not get my money this night. The song was about to end as I wondered what her face looked like when they applied her ink scars, that’s when it happen and it hadn’t even taken a single song.

“Would you like some company?” Was whispered in my ear so closely I could almost feel her lips. “Yes,” I said, without even looking at her. I wanted to be targeted and chosen, not choose myself. I wanted to know what it felt like to be a customer today, this particular day. So I was, just like that, so I let it begin just like she desired or designed. I took her offered hand and she led the way, when I finally looked at her, well, she looked just like you, to terrifying detail. Only this her, her skin was the opposite color and her hair was absent of any at all………… [continued]

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Profile View Of Solar Flare Eruption Loops The Size Of Several Earths – On January 15

I didn’t know anything about Tracy, so I looked on the internet and the internet taught me Tracy is most known for a fire.

On August 7, 1998 a fire began at a tire disposal facility in Tracy, California that was illegally storing approximately 7 million tires. Determined too dangerous and polluting to the groundwater to attempt to extinguish, this fire was allowed to burn itself out. Initial reports said it could burn for as long as two weeks.

This Tracy fire would go on to continuously burn for well over two years and the groundwater was polluted anyway.


Fifty Feet Downwind Of:

121 Degrees 25’ 05” W, 37 Degrees 41’ 12” N – On January 15

“Now, nearly 13 years after the fire broke out Aug. 7, 1998, the possible health impact of the black smoke from the burning tires is centered on one family’s eyes.

A mother, her teenage daughter and a 4-year-old daughter living near or downwind from the fire all went blind, and medical researchers suspect the combination of the smoke and a little-known genetic disease could be the cause.”

There, just past the brush, low berm, poles and no dumping sign, is the large pit that was the previous site of S.F. Royster’s Tire Disposal Facility. The fire started the day after Royster lost his final appeal with the waste management board over fire safety concerns.

On August 14, 1998 just 7 days after the fire started, Royster was indicted on bankruptcy fraud charges.

On August 18, 1998 just 11 days after the fire started, Royster died of lung and throat cancer.
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I had already been to the Happiest Place On Earth® not far from here.

I did not find it joyful.

So I decided to go to where I had been told was the most beautiful place on earth instead. It also was not far.
When I got there it was very cold and soon snow began to fall all around me. There was a thick mist hovering in the sky just out of reach.

I could not see what I came to and everywhere I could see looked like it had just been on fire.


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26 January

[more] – I said, “That is a human tooth in your hand, you need to go to the Emergency Room.” – [continued]


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