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September 18th, 2007

blog fights

3 of the 4 photographers i know in the above photo read too many photo blogs, one i dont think reads any.

the past few months, i have read too many, between RSS and OCD, i no longer think it’s an interesting exercise or learning experience, i honestly cannot say too much positive thought or action has come out of it all (reading others, not making my own, i still see benefit somehwere within the process). constantly reading others seems to feed the bad side of photographer bragging, bitching, who is doing what obsessing and general one-upmanship. not that any of this means anything, as my fascination with it all seems endless.

in reading all the usual suspect blogs, seeing how it seems it all really revolves around two or three main blogs anyway, random stuff really gets stuck in my head. in seeing this over the last few months, when i started again in june, i made a conscious effort to try to not bitch or brag, just state the facts about photography jobs and photographers with facts as i experience them or with praise or not at all. i generally feel i do well, mostly….

except HERE broening/saunders with comments, the best comparing us to Urkell and Skreetch


except HERE seige/jimmyrainbow

it seems lost in the bubble of my dark little cave, the boredom and jealousy gets the best of me and i unleash blah blah on those undeserving, more successful and silly enough to encourage comments.

going to at least try and stick to simple stories and pictures here however still (starting again now), as there are plenty of other places to read photog on photog revolving door conversations…. not that i wont still be reading those of course…