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September 26th, 2007

2 years

today, 9/26/07 is the 2nd anniversary of the very first time i ever shot clays.

yes, this is an absurd thing to realize, but nonetheless entertaining, to at least me. so….

almost everytime i go shoot somewhere, i take a clay home. then i started writing where it was from on it. then my score. then how many clays i shot or shells i shot. then, if in competition, my score, my placing, my $ won and how many punches i got. (punches are points earned to move up from one class to another).

i have 95 clays on my shelf. i have a jar of maybe 4-8 i had in the very beginning, that i knocked over, so the chips are in the jar. so maybe 99-103 days of shooting, although a couple could be from different places the same day, so safe bet, 95 days of shooting, not counting the 2-3 times i forgot to get a clay at all.

10,472 clays since i started writing the amount of shells or clays i shoot. probably 14,000 or so total is a safe reserved guess of all time.

3,750 of these targets were in competition. 1700 in 2006. 2050 so far in 2007.

in 2006, i went from beginner, D class, to E class, an official demotion by NSCA.

in 2007, i went from E class to C class in 2 months.
12 punches total, including one punch already of the 6 needed for B class.

i have 3 trophies, 1 first place, and 2 for 3rd place.

i have won $692.00

i have shot at 21 clubs and taken my picture at 19 in:

new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, delaware, maryland, texas, florida and california.