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November 4th, 2007

nationals -8- day four – yellow

sorta back on track, still made too many dumb mistakes, but a 56 of the 75 on yellow course today i can almost live with, anything after yesterday like this is winning the lottery. what sucks is i watched station 9 being shot by the guys ahead of me, even a couple of the big names, a fun looking rabbit target rolling along the ground at like 40 yards and screaming fast on report after a left to right curving away target. it looked fun. i saw many guys drop targets, it didn’t look that rough and i was excited to shoot it. so what happens, i drop 5 of 8 there, so so so frustrating…. argh.

one day left, i crawled back up to 21st place after yesterdays meltdown, still kinda fucked, i need top 15 for a punch, $ or most importantly, a trophy at nationals.

target count = 75 main event = 1035 total.