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February 11th, 2008

sondra, II .

.we went to 3 bodegas and 2 rite aid’s before we found any, polaroid that is. we did this the very day i would only later learn about the impending doom of polaroids closing. this is how it works, random or not, stories that all seem to be important, related or just plain otherwise curious. these are the stories i like.

i like more that when i told her i needed to take some polaroids of her, as i do almost all the visitors to #1RN, she was up for it. so much so that we went outside without our coats and searched and searched. it didn’t matter that we were cold, or that i had already made some of her years before, she knew i wanted to make more, and she took on the mission as much as i did, to make it happen.

i always shoot 10, quickly, guessing the composition as i cannot see through the camera with my glasses on the way i want to, so point, shoot, repeat as fast as i can, try to save the last of the ten for me in there with her. make sure the flash is so close the heat it gives off with each pop can be felt and all the purple dots it leaves behind in the eyeballs will last a minute or two.

then hide them, wait a few hours, then when no one else is around, finally take a peek.