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February 17th, 2008

northern california, 1995.

.i had been in CA maybe a month, maybe closer to three. i lived in a shared loft space in emeryville after living out of my car a few days. homeless used to bang on our loft windows at night asking for baby food or money. this cheap loft we shared was among architect offices and other odd businesses, it was really weird. a woman stopped by asking for one of my roommates one day, (we were all trying to be photographers), claiming she needed a headshot. none of the 3 of us wanted to do it or really knew why or what she was after, but we ended up all hanging out one night and seeing a movie as a group, she was older then us and had paid for our tickets. a few days later, she came over again, something about her car not working well and a business meeting out of town, she asked me to drive her up north with my car, said i could crash in her room and she’d pay all expenses if i did all the driving, but separate beds of course.

.i agreed, i hadn’t been up north and needed something to do, calling 50 photographers everyday and begging to help them was talking its toll, so yeah, sure, let’s go. i stole a roll of film or two from the guy i printed for and off we went.

.not much really happened, i was young and not so bright i suppose, but it never occurred to me until years later when i finally tried to print an image or two and she had vanished as people do, that she most likely made the whole thing up as the next morning she wasn’t gone long at the supposed meeting and we really were in the middle of nowhere. it may have been an effort to connect in some way, with me, and i had obviously been too naive or polite to oblige her, but i don’t think i’ll ever really know.