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March 17th, 2008

9 of 12.

.so last week i went looking for a negative, i stumbled across a picture i hadn’t really forgotten about, but was never worth going back to get and scan on its own in my mind. so this time happening upon it, i scanned it, all the sudden it felt worth it, quite worth it in that it struck a cord in my life this month. not because of that particular image, but it’s sister image taken years later. seeking for this ‘sister’ image then led to looking through 10 binders of badly or simply unmarked binders of random rolls of film long since neglected trying to find the matching image. the two images will be up soon. but at the moment what got me was that in finally finding this one frame of 12, there were 9 others i had to scan on that one roll, some printed and jammed into journals, but others, never touched. so here are 8 of the 9 of one roll of 12, march, 1995, brooklyn, ny and 1994, san antonio, tx. .

.the image that sparked finding these i came across because it was mixed in with the minor white film, this portrait is 13 years old, probably this week. i didn’t realize this until figuring out the dates in a random backwards manor. this is how everything seems to come together, this project or that, this letter or that journal, that story or this one.