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April 20th, 2008

2008 Big Seafood Blast.

M&M Sporting Clays
Pennsville, NJ

The Big Seafood Blast is a 3 day tournament. Last year, I did both the Main Event and the John DeVito Memorial Preliminary. This year, I could only go for one day.

So I shot the DeVito Memorial event because last year, I destroyed it, I won it in my class at the time, the lowest class, E class. What was so wonderful about this wasn’t just winning my class, I won it with an 84/100. I would of won D, C and B with that score and was around 35th of 300 OVERALL score wise, not just class rank. This was epic and to this day exactly one year later, remains the most amazing performance I have ever had.

So Saturday, I tried again. It wasn’t to be, I shot a 74/100. I started at station 5 and shot a 2 of 8, an abysmal beginning, so I tried to work the mental magic and forget, move on. I did well, all the way to station 14 where I shot a 2 of 6. Station 1, 3 of 6. So in 3 of 15 stations, I dropped 13 targets, this is not how you win a competition. I would finish this year’s DeVito Memorial in 6th place of 40 entries, C class.

I also shot the 28g event, I hadn’t shot subgauge (smaller shell/load then usual 12g = harder to hit target) in almost a year, already had shells and wanted to shoot more as I have no idea if or when I’ll shoot again. I was 6th here too out of 14 competitors. Subgauge is fucking cool, but hard, damn hard.


I will not get into it, but FITASC is a style of clay shooting governed by rules. Where sporting clays is shoot however you want, just break the target, FITASC has specific ways in which the gun must be held, the shooters movements are governed, there are specific ways the targets are thrown and FITASC even has a dress code.

50 targets set on two small layouts (parcours) of 25 targets shot from 3 positions (pegs). I started on parcour 2 and shot a 22 of 25, only dropping 1 target at each peg. Parcour 1 wasn’t as kind, I could only hit 17, I shot a 39/50.

This competition was shot fri/sat/sunday, so I had to wait all day sunday in my apartment trying desperately to not look at the results until about 6pm. When I did, I saw that my score held by only one target.

I am the 2008 Seafood Blast C class FITASC Champion.

I earned 4 punches on my NSCA card, so with the 3 punches from last year, I have 7 total, 1 more then the 6 I needed. I am now in B class. My goal for the year of 2008. No idea of the trophy or $ won, I just hope it’s enough $ to pay for the day and that there are even trophies handed out at all, slap a stamp on that thing, I am clearing a spot on my shelf now…..

I cannot say the feeling is like it was in 2007, but since I have no photographs/video of me in the 2008 FITASC or getting a trophy for it, I post this again here for 2008. Picture me in different clothes and in different terrain and add a car alarm going off to the sounds of me shooting (someone, and they know who, ‘accidently’ set off the rental car alarm during my competition, only mentioned here for humor then actually mattering).

2008 clay target count = 1569