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June 28th, 2008

George Carlin, part II, TIME.

He told me when he first stepped into the set, “I don’t want to do a bunch of those goofy comedian faces anymore.” I said, “Good, that’s not what I want either.” I shot a few safe boring frames then asked him to say his 7 words as fast as he can, he did, a few times. Then I asked him to just say FUCK, over and over again, and to really enjoy and take pleasure in the word. He did, I started shooting too fast instead of trying to just get one of magic, lost in the joy of saying FUCK back and forth with him. That’s when the circuits went and this set was done. They may still be odd or otherwise goofy, but that was not the goal.

TIME ran this quadrant of four below this week in a full page article devoted to our man George.