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October 31st, 2011

This Day 29


This Was The Day You Died, This Day Twenty-Nine, This My All Day

I Had Once Come To Stay Where You No Longer Could

I Was Once King Edward Here As Long As I Should

Like You, I Shut Your Curtains & I Dream, I Pray

For The Three-Sixty-Five Ago I Cannot Say

– – –

My Father Is One Of The Men You Made



When Night Fell, I Saw A Woman Who Made Herself Myth



I Saw The Real Backs Of Three Sources



I Saw The False Fronts Of Three Fantasies



I Saw A Man Pretending To No Longer Be Alive, On This First Day My Fathers Source Now No Longer Is

I Saw A Woman Pretending To Be One Thing, When In Fact She Was Really Something Very Other

This Woman Bent Down And Placed The Myth On His Closed Eyes While Looking At Mine

This Woman Then Returned To Her Other And Showed Me How She Kisses Him

This Woman, Not Long Later, Then Caught Him & Carried Him Away

As This Other She Kissed Had Just Buckled, Faltered & Fainted

In Front Of Us All I Could See, The She & He I Wish Was Me



A Woman Took To The Stage & Told Us A Story Of Her Accident, A Story Of Her Hand, This Hand & How It Had Once Been Severed From Her

This Hand Was Put Back On Almost Scar-Less, So She Gave It One To Remember & Let Me See Its Message



For Your Journey & For Mine