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November 4th, 2007

nationals -7- day four – FITASC parcour 1 & 2

50 of the first 100 targets in FITASC today, 33 of 50 broken. i entered this for the experience, no goals, just do my best. after yesterday, i just wanted to enjoy shooting again, it almost happen. FITASC is all about rules, gun mount, motions, target order, shooting from a hola-hoop like circle versus a shooting stand, etc. the referee in the beginning was a woman, this only matters as i find it funny that she chose to use pink chalk to mark my vest and others with the gun mount mark, drawing pink lines on tough guys with guns all day…. awesome.

there was a guy there on my squad from tennessee, bobby. playing with a duck call he made and dressed in head to toe brown and camo. the accent, the character, everything brought me back to when i lived in TN instantly, he was funny, smart and could shoot really well. the best thing about bobby, bobby brooks that is, is that you could tell he was having the time of his life and bursting with joy to be shooting. awesome.

target count = 75 practice + 50 FITASC = 125 = 960 total.