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November 9th, 2007

LVSC & nationals update

stole/received/got these from nate of me at LVSC, so weird to see myself shooting and not have it be from my own pictures, gotta love seeing the shot spray the water after breaking a target.

even got one from dad of me at nationals during the 5 stand meltdown, also, it seems the results i posted weren’t official. i ended up lower in most, but higher in one:

31 of 183 in the MAIN
80 of 119 in the 5 STAND
27 of 63 in the FITASC


11 of 166 in the KRIEGHOFF KUP, damn, awards went out to 10th, 1 fucking target short of $, trophy and punches to move up in class. maybe the weird squad kept my mind off my shooting, or maybe they cost me that one target, no way to ever know.


and in a contest i forgot about (that awarded nothing to my class):

9 of 50.

the Browning ALL AROUND, meaning all 4 events combined. damn, so i did get top 10 in one event at nationals, go figure… the ‘awards’ at the bottom are hat pins, everyone got one just for participating. the nationals pin has the number of years you have competed in the nationals.