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November 4th, 2007

nationals -5- day three – 5 stand event

added the 5-stand after my first day of comp, thought i was having fun. nope…. tried to snap out of my funk, yet it never happen, it was laughable. at one point, even with my parents watching, i missed the easiest pair ever that i hit all the time and even had the urge to throw the gun on the concrete and never shoot again, ever. i honestly didn’t even care, give the gun to closest person, never shoot again, it would be fine with me at this point.

it was one of the ‘easiest’ 5 stands i have prolly ever shot, yet, i still screwed the pooch and missed practically everything, really.

65 of 100. if i had been ‘awake’, a 77-83 would of been more inline with my usual ability, i am a fucking ass. i did everything i could, stop caring, care more, have fun, get aggressive, nothing, and i mean nothing worked. targets only 10 yards away and right in front me, moving slow, may as well been 100 yards away. total fucking nightmare.

as of 10:43 PM TX time today, 46th place, not all C class have shot this event yet.

i think it’s safe to say at this point, i may never compete again. too bad i have two days left i already paid for, i am debating if i should even bother.

i wanted to shoot 3000 targets in competition this year, i think i maybe 100-200 short, i could do that in one weekend somewhere near home, but fuck that goal too, i haven’t accomplished any of my goals in this since april, this is sign….

target count = 100 registered + 50 practice = 150 = 825 total.