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November 7th, 2007

nationals – C5

i lived in san antonio, tx for three years growing up, 7,8,9 grade. during the years i lived there, every time a plane or jet went over, i had to run to the windows and look and see what it was, within the first month i lived there i could identify them all on site and before i left texas, i had books and manuals sent to me by the manufacturers. i had written them all letters requesting any non-classified information i could get my hands on, almost all of them sent me 3 ring binders of information.

at nationals, there was a C-5 almost always around somewhere up there. even when i couldn’t hear it, i’d think i hadn’t seen one in awhile, so i would look, sure enough, here one would come, making shadows on clouds, disappearing in them and around them or simply sitting there against that blue sky, daring you to understand how something so fucking big can actually get off the ground.

at walmart, there just past the registers was a bulletin board of pictures of some lost locals for people to bring in and post…

it didn’t appear to be sponsored by walmart. just something on a wall somewhere in our everyday that reminded me how to so many, it is the most personal thing they have ever felt, so much so they had to bring in a photograph and staple to the wall at the fucking walmart.

it was beautiful.