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November 4th, 2007

nationals -4- day three – green

was stoked for today. got there early, 75 practice birds on the long shots and fast crossers, they are in full effect all over, i got on them and got confident, and stopped practicing, the plan was 150, so when i realized i was on… done. got to my main station early, thanks to a random golf cart ride from a blonde lady shooter (nice). a few minutes before the start, the rest of my squad rolled up, we swapped man stories and shooting stories and got started. station 3 again, a left to right rabbit and a tricky slow crosser, also left to right. i rocked it, my first run station in the main in two days, finally.

the next station i dropped 3 of 8, then i proceeded to drop at least 3-4 per station. not a good day, in fact it was a disaster. many targets were just further/angled in a way i don’t know how to shoot. many i do, but my confidence was gone, i felt i did things correctly, yet, no broken targets.


42 of 75. there goes the main event.

as of 10:36PM TX time, i am in 40th place, C class of approx 150 C class shooters, it’s day two of 4, i dropped 33 places today.

target count = 75 registered + 75 practice = 150 = 675 total.