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March 18th, 2008


.pool, brooklyn, ny – march 1995.

.pool, kentucky – august 1994.

.i was invited into his life and some of it’s biggest moments to that point to make photographs. his wedding, his daughter’s christening, small handfuls of random travels and some of those other moments when and where we both realized how bizarrely important the act of making photographs was becoming to us. we were never friends in the way most people are or really even all that social with each other. we just shared books, new photography discoveries and random notes scrawled on photographs to be mailed back and forth, setting in motion for me anyway, what later became the journals/letters i used to make and mail around, now i just do it here, i don’t know if it’s better or worse, it’s just how it is.

.#1RN, ny, ny – march 1998.

.i haven’t talked to b.s. since the day these two above were made, ten years ago now, maybe to the week. he had come over to see #1RN, i had just moved in. he looked around at my walls, boxes and books, said this would be a perfect flophouse for him, then pulled out the video camera and started asking me things. i remember talking to him like that camera wasn’t even there. i rambled about women that didn’t love me anymore and being scared of the future. when he let the camera down from in front of his face, his eyes were full of tears. i don’t remember the questions or what i really had to say, i just remember those couple things.

.i heard or maybe we did speak at some random point so many years ago i cannot recall it properly, but that tape was lost or otherwise recorded over, so i hear anyway.

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