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June 29th, 2008

Hasselblad, Lisa.

Hasselblad and Kodak had a portrait contest while I was in college. A few days before the deadline, I decided it would be a good thing to make pictures for it, since I didn’t have any that fit the requirements. The only motivation was whatever the prize was. I cannot even remember at the moment what it was, maybe a camera and film. That would be about all I can gather that would of lit the small fire under my butt that got these done. I hadn’t really made portraits like this before, everything prior was captured versus made. So out I went.

Lisa was my roommate’s girlfriend. I thought she was beautiful and also quite kind, so I knew she’d probably agree. We met at the park and I shot two rolls. One, if not the first ‘portrait session’ I ever did that was not an outright silly class assignment. I even shot two more people after this, I really wanted that camera. I didn’t win and decided then I thought photo contests were stupid, but I still enter them, time and time again.

Then years later I bought my own Hasselblad. Then over those years I built my career on it. Then a few short years later, I sold it one day on eBay.