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July 6th, 2008

2 stories that aren’t mine.

tonight i got a call from someone i haven’t heard from a lot lately. they called because they had to share with someone that would appreciate that they had just seen a man walking a goat in their neighborhood on a leash just like it was a dog. i did appreciate it, i wish i had been there.

less then an hour later, the same person called, while walking their actual dog in the park, the dog had found something fumbling around in a bush a little too long. turns out the dog had found a handgun, at first, they thought it was a toy, but after not getting too close and calling 911, yup, within 3 minutes of the phone call, a policeman arrived and confirmed it, the dog had found a handgun. i appreciate this call too, i wish i had been there.

the most surprising part of both these manhattan stories to me is the dog, this dog cannot sniff out it’s own toys in a 300 square foot apartment, how did it smell or otherwise stumble upon a handgun?