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July 11th, 2008


i got to go to nashville. i flew there a few months ago on jet blue, it was so easy and pleasurable. it seems they no longer fly there, so i had to go AA the only direct option i found, what a joke. the price, the treatment, things should get better as the years ago by, but it seems everything is declining. i was treated poorly, overcharged for my checked gear ($380 each way) and the simple trip home on a sunny day was delayed so many hours, that i got home at 330am the day of a 530am call time back in ny. finally my inablity to sleep became an asset as i got the shot done, done pretty well.

the pics are from the trip to BNA. i knew i would only sleep on the plane if i pulled an all night wake for an 830am flight. i don’t remember sleeping much, but the pictures from across the aisle i got snapped of me prove that i did. thanks GH.