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July 13th, 2008


i hadn’t been to an ER (for myself) in 8 years. oddly enough, that was on a shoot too, however it was from a broken foot on a water slide outside chicago, accomplished after the actual shoot was over and before the next one.

this one sorta happened on the actual shoot, a first. working for a magazine in the woods of tennessee, i got covered in what i thought was just ticks, none of which ever seemed to borrow in or needed fancy removal.

yet 24h after getting back, turns out i was covered in at least 40 of these, (yes, i counted). no idea what it was that got me, but they hurt, they itch and made things happen in my body that scared me enough at one point to seek professional advice.

i still think it was a great trip, better even because of this, somehow.

as a side note, if you work in the billing cubical of an ER and are the last person a patient sees, what are you doing wearing a bad bling watch and a $ ring? class act my friend, you are the cherry on top of the american health care system…