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July 23rd, 2008

11 minutes, 32 seconds.

11 minutes, 32 seconds – 2 sets, 2 different shots. one less then excited to be photographed subject. i asked for a different expression, even said weird things to try and throw him off for a change of expression, nothing. i did at one point get him to look off camera towards the light, so there’s that, but i got a simple “no” to all the other ideas i threw out…

at one point, he asked if he could get a passport image from me, where’s the slot to put his quarter. i think it was a joke, but he was a hard read, so i have no idea if it was just an awkward stranger moment, awkward getting my picture taken moment or if he was making fun of me.

i stepped into the room we were to shoot in 41m and 45s before my 11m 32s with our man started.