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July 15th, 2008

Stories, Now Touchable.

own some stories. small details and hiccups with myself and the printer more or less worked out, the ones left are eventually getting solved. so here it is, issue one now available. the plan is quarterly or 4 randomly timed issues a year. the printer is still in beta, but has been helpful in addressing my concerns and honestly reacted well to all my thoughts and attention to detail. i am a stickler or pain in the ass, so i was impressed with the good effort the printers have put forth. other issues of stories and all together different projects already under way. i believe good things lie ahead. i love technology sometimes.

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i wanted to do this for me. i started this site after the journals here or here slowed down and i stopped printing like i used to. all the journals i did were more letters in that they were given away upon completion, so these stories and this new ability to print them is now kinda the same as the journals, just very different. it also just feels really good to make something you can touch and share it with others that enjoy the types of things that i do.