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December 16th, 2007

12/17/06 – a year ago today.

my brother came to visit, twice he’s visited me in the 16 years since i left home, maybe if i had a real home it’d be different, but i got him a ticket and he came. i was so busy trying to keep him entertained, i forgot to make pictures of him. i always have a camera when i go somewhere, but never when i am in nyc doing things. so in the last 1h, 46min and 24s of his visit, after staying up all night and getting him into a cab too early in the morning before the sun rises, i finally snapped a few.

it’s the closet i’ll ever come to taking my own portrait, but i have said all this before.

if he ever stops smoking, i’ll lose all these random odd moments. he smokes, i fiddle with cameras, a habit is a habit.