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March 19th, 2008


.At an early age Mister Saunders fell asleep roadside in a pickup truck on the way to visit the site of the Battle at Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. While asleep he experienced a calling from the ghost of Timothy O’Sullivan in a dream. Ever since this dream, Mister Saunders continues to roam the country making images and telling stories, some of which are even true. Mister Saunders continues to suffer from insomnia to this day and often the results can be read at iliketotellstories.com.

Mister Saunders hobbies include seeking out awkward social situations, collecting playing cards, losing English sporting clay tournaments and reading your blog. His images sometimes appear in magazines like TIME, People and Forbes much to the delight and dismay of his parents and others that know him. Mister Saunders would like nothing more then to photograph you, so send him an email, as he gets lonely.

– – –

.i got asked for a bio and image by a magazine, i wrote one, but i thought it was flat and boring. i knew john could make fun of me in just the right way, the best part being that i seek out awkward social situations as a hobby as that word alone, awkward, seems to be the best single word description of just about everything i do, it’s just how i roll. it’s funnier obviously if you know me at all, nonetheless, awesome.

i added a couple sentences here and there, but it is still pretty much all john only with my BS plugs on top. it started over me sharing with him in an IM that a mag needed a bio. he then made the first few sentences as a joke, so i asked him to elaborate a little more. he thankfully obliged.

40 min after sending the bio and my images (i sent three images to choose from) the editor wrote me back:

“Just read your bio – excellent! My editor chuckled away and suggested we run it with the picture of you with the rifle!!!!!!

Top stuff, _______”