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July 28th, 2008

Billy Ray Cyrus.

hard to tell in the video above, but that first little bump and yahoo you hear in the video is me trying to catch air in the rented SUV while we followed billy ray cyrus on his dirt bike around his 500 acres as he showed us locations in the middle of his private ranch. not the smartest move i realize, but given the moment, it seemed appropriate.

it was a great 72h in Tennessee, minus the insects, heat and short trip to the ER for the insect bites back in NYC. this was the second of two different TN shoots, both full of small, wonderful adventures. more on the other once sharable.

it was a perfect shoot. too many spots to choose from for the time allotted, a great and seemingly eager subject who has probably been photographed more then anyone can count, a subject that knows the drill more then i probably do, a good groomer, a good crew on hand that all had happy vibes and one photographer all too excited to be photographing billy ray with his dirt bike and in a thicket, deep in the heart of Tennessee.

he graciously jumped back into the last shot so i could get my snap with him, he went to put his arm around me and the moment it made contact he pulled it back, ‘man, you’re soaked!’ seeing how it was about 95 degrees in the shade, soaked with sweat was for certain, just glad i didn’t pass out, that would of sent the wrong kind of star struck impression.

i want a shoot like this at least once a week.