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March 22nd, 2008

san francisco.

almost all my color photographs from san francisco 95-97 were shot on chrome film and run C-41. there is a binder or two that is full of still barely looked at or touched images. a friend assisted in NYC and was cleaning out a photogs fridge to throw it away as the photog requested and found some outdated film, outdated in some cases by over 10 years. he asked if i wanted it and if i’d pay him back for the shipping, laughing, i said sure, thinking it wouldn’t be much. a week later i got 2 boxes in the mail, one 28 pounds and the other i think was 32, 60lbs of very outdated film. for the next 2-3 years, it was all i shot. after it was shot, i couldn’t afford to get it processed. so i even bought a small fridge to try and keep all those latent images from going away, some film sat unprocessed for over 5 years till i either got it done cheap at a school or through a PE friend at a mag that had a lab. at one point, i think i had 500+ rolls in ziplocks.
all of it was random, whatever i could get done. usually only shot when i borrowed or rented a camera to play with. i’d go shoot whatever, a parade with a Hasselblad superwide or when the Mamiya 7 first came out, or later, after i got an M4-P, i’d use that. the folsom st fair images on my main site for example in the history section, shot on konica 640 chrome film run C-41, old EPN and i think a few rolls of slide dup film even got shot, it didn’t matter, the pictures didn’t matter either then, i just missed the act.
they’ll be more here eventually, after getting it all processed, most got filed and forgotten till i had a reason to do something or felt the need, lately, i’ve been feeling the need. they still feel like i made them yesterday, everything happening around every image is still a fresh memory.
so thanks to neil selkirk without him really knowing, i have hundreds of images keeping my brain alive with old, yet still new pictures for years to come.