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August 4th, 2008

NYS Championships 2.

Day 2.

i didn’t hit the sat night party, so when i arrived for day 2, i saw i won $50 in a raffle and turned it right back over to shoot the 5 stand, i should of kept it. i shot a 25/50 only hitting half the damn targets, everything felt right, i just hit nothing. it’s the worst feeling when this happens, when it all feels right yet nothing breaks, i never know how to correct or what i was doing wrong. i shrugged it off pretty well and chalked it up to a warm up. i shoot best after 100 rounds or so and went to the warm up area, shot another 16 and felt ready if not eager to start day 2.

i saw that the scores posted from earlier flights were far lower today when i arrived, this means the targets were harder, much harder, but i kept my spirits up and had really no expectations after the meltdown that was day one. i just went stand by stand and tried to keep my brain in it and stay aggressive on every single target. i thought i was alright, even with 2 stations an abysmal 1 of 6, i thought i was higher then day one. i wasn’t, my day two score somehow was even lower.

126 of 200 targets.