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August 4th, 2008

NYS Championships 3.

Clay in the Air.

it’s hard to see, but that spec in the sky in the center-top is a clay in flight. it had just left a lift platform about 45ft in the air and was quartering some 20-30mph away from the shooting stand in a hurry. hit it or try to and another was launched from the opposite side in a rainbow arc, also about 30-40 yards away from the stand. hit them both, 3 times, if you want a 6 of 6.

video below not from the above stand, but stand #3, both Sat and Sun, as well as Sun stand #15. Stand #15 made everyone i saw shoot it turn around and walk away mad at themselves, when i walked away from my OX OO OO for a 1 of 6, it took a lot of effort to not throw my gun down and quit forever. a left to right diving crosser screaming across the tops of the brush and a crossing dropper from the right to left on report, both about 50 yards away.

a target is 110mm wide, or 4 & 1/4 inches by one inch tall. the targets below are only 90mm.

after 4 months off from competing, trying to get a medal at states wasn’t a wise move, but i am glad i went, if only to hear the brit on my squad day two behind me yell at station two:

“good shooting jonathan” upon me hitting my first pair.
“bad shooting jonathan” upon me missing my next pair.
“good shooting jonathan” upon me hitting my final pair.

i wish i had gotten that on video. it helps when everyone on your squad is better then you and enjoys it. the first guy i follow in the video i got to shoot behind on day one, he was third, overall in the main event.