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August 8th, 2008


i was only in TN some 2.5 days, but we fit a lot into those hours:

waffle house
250 clay targets at a premier facility
taught gray how to shoot clays (handle a gun for the first time, ever)
first round of ticks (the insects)
skee ball
air hockey
enough prize tickets for a toy water gun
go karts
(even a warning of removal from facility for excessive ‘bumping’)
mexican food
pulled over by police for driving downtown nashville without lights (gray)
*moments later, see same police officer in near shootout + high speed chase
hotel room with yet more insects (roach)
hotel room with yet more ticks
2nd waffle house
2nd mexican food
ticks in woods round 2
BP gas station sink showers to remove insects
NYC ER trip for insects

somewhere in all that, we managed to shoot:

Lady Antebellum & Billy Ray Cyrus for People Magazine as well.

an assignment as cool as those IS a vacation to me. i cannot think of a better reason to hit the road then assignments like these, even without the bells and whistles, i just love what i do.

*less then 3 minutes after the police officer let us go with a warning about our lights. (we thought they were on AUTO, oops). we saw the same police officer come screaming by us and stop short, less then 20 yards in front of us. there were at least 3 cop cars, the one we just ‘met,’ another in the center lane and one standing outside his car and next to a red taurus in a KFC drive thru lane. inside the KFC, i could see more officers standing around. then, without warning, i see the officer by the taurus in the drive thru start yelling and the man in the car leaning out the window a little as the car started rolling forward. the car was trying to flee and almost hit the officer, i saw the officer reach for his gun, try to get it out of the holster while also trying to not get hit or run over, before we knew it, the taurus was behind us, running from the police. if the officer had been able to get his gun out faster, i am sure we would of witnessed the shooting. we stopped just in time that the fleeing car flew by us and through a red light, then some 15 seconds later, all three police cars, including the one that had just pulled us over, chased after that taurus into the nashville night…. we went back to the hotel, our night was over.