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August 8th, 2008

Lady Antebellum.

Lady Antebellum has a song on the Olympic Album, i photographed them singing it in a recording studio in nashville.

i did a time lapse of this shoot as well, the room was so tiny, nothing is ever as it is suppose to be or as imagined, shooting all 3 of them in here was a challenge to say the least, certainly knowing people needed a double page spread.

the best part of this shoot is what you cannot really see happening, me photographing Lady A was filmed by the Country Music Channel. so while i am photographing them and doing the time lapse, there are also 2-3 video cameras filming the entire situation simultaneously as well, pretty wonderfully absurd if you ask me. i enjoyed it, other then the sound guy sticking his boom into my shots a few times and the on camera video light almost throwing off the whole second shot, thankfully, i was being a pro and noticed it. i should roll with a pro video crew on all my shoots.

me, as seen on the Country Music Channel: